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What Are Prohormones?

Are you a bodybuilder or weightlifter? Prohormones, steroids and many other performance-enhancing drugs in bodybuilders and athletes. Every person who joins the gym will know about these terms like prohormone, testosterone booster, energy stimulants and many more. So all these supplements are famous due to their massive energy production and bodybuilding powers.

A prohormone is one of the popular supplements in marketing that is also referred to as the androgen in the body. According to manufacturers, the prohormone can enhance the muscle-building mechanism and burn body fat effectively. However, there are some legal issues by food and drug administration regarding their usage and side effects.

So here we will provide you with the complete guide regarding prohormones, their origin and legal issues.

Now, let’s dig into it.

So, what are prohormones? A prohormone is an anabolic hormone in the body with specific functions. It produces naturally with the enzymatic process and has a significant role in protein and muscle synthesis. Now the prohormone tablets and supplements are available that convert body composition to support bodybuilders’ requirements.

Prohormones promote the energy efficiency of bodybuilders. In addition, it helps in gaining lean muscles and reduces the fat percentage quickly. The primary purpose of prohormones is to enhance the testosterone level and act as anabolic steroids. Moreover, it is available in the market as capsules or dietary supplements.

A prohormone is best for athletes to enhance their athletic performance and gain more muscles quickly.

Origin of prohormones

Prohormones came to be known in 1996 to provide benefits to athletes and enhance their energy capacities. It is a form of steroid that provides a burst of energy to athletes and sports people. It has many benefits but also has some disadvantages.

So after the short time of its existence in the market after its recognition as an anabolic steroid. So after this act, prohormones are considered controlled substances and refer to as anabolic steroids. So now it is not available in the market as a regular sale. Moreover, prohormone is banned in Canada, USA and Mexico due to its negative health impacts.

Legality of Prohormones

Now you know about its origin and then its history. The legality of prohormones is in many depts in many sports conferences. The IOC also banned prohormone supplements.

Still, many manufacturers develop and transport the prohormones in a mixture of many other ingredients. If you want to take the prohormone in safe composition, check the Food and drug administration dietary supplement guide that provides components to pharmaceutical drug industries.

Every manufacturer is responsible for its evaluation and safety. So check the labels of products in the market and read their ingredients list. It helps you understand whether the prohormone supplement is technically safe for your consumption or not.

Always choose safe supplements after discussing them with your health care advisor. Keep in mind that everybody is different, so you should consider it before taking the prohormone supplements.


By summing up the above guide, it is clear that your prohormone works best for bodybuilders and athletes. You can only take prohormone according to your health care advisor and country legal states.

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